When it comes to marketing on the telephone… EVERY word counts! And when ScriptingPower writes your scripts, you can be sure that our proven techniques and winning script strategies, will give you everything you need to optimize EVERY opportunity… EVERY call… EVERY time.

We've offered a few Case Studies below, so you can see how our telemarketing expertise and direct marketing strategies give our clients an unprecedented RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

  • Stop Hang ups and keep the conversation interactive.

  • Keep potential customers on the telephone.

  • Upsell Other Products and have potential customers call you back!

  • Increase Sales with proven direct mail and scripting techniques.

  • Increase Conversion with inbound calls.

  • Use different media for optimal results - direct mail, newsletters, ads and more!




Inbound Call Case Study

Fortune 100 Company

Talk time costs money. That's why we developed strategies and scripts for this Fortune 100 Company that would: 

  • Avoid giving a presentation to people who were not qualified

  • Gauge interest without offering the full pitch

  • Sell the product within 35 seconds - without sounding rushed

  • Upsell additional products to those who said "yes" to the initial sell

These goals were accomplished using subtle language techniques, interactive strategies, and a "quick-sale" focus - developed by the experts at ScriptingPower.


  • Sales Increase: 40%

  • Talk Time Decrease: 35%

  • Upsell Productivity: 35% of sales

Outbound Call Case Study

Fortune 500 Company

We developed an inexpensive Direct Mail Program that was followed up with an Outbound Telemarketing call. The script was written so that interest and interaction was established within the first 10 seconds of the call. Customers were actually looking forward to the call and upfront "Hangup/Not Interested" responses dropped nearly 50%. The script strategies included:

  • Establishing the perfect "hook" to keep prospects on the telephone

  • Gauging interest before offering the full pitch and initiate interaction

  • Subtly leading the prospect to the close while explaining all benefits of the service

  • Writing objections and rebuttals specific for the service and typical responses


  • Reduced Hang-ups and "Not Interested" responses:  Nearly 50%

  • Sales Per Hour Increase: 15%

  • Conversion Increase:18%

IVR Case Study

Fortune 500 Company

It's difficult to sell to a customer who is listening to a tape recording and has to press the buttons on their keypad to respond "yes" or "no". However, we used a unique positioning right upfront to keep the customer from opting out. We then used a series of rebuttals that offered the customer "risk relief" whereby we "softened" the sell and dramatically increased response rates. We did this by:

  • Using a "you NEED this" technique to keep customers on the telephone

  • Downselling if the prospect initially pressed "2" for "NO"

  • Offering opt-out language that helped keep the prospect on the phone


  • Sales Increase: 45%