ScriptingPower's consultation services are available no matter what product or service you offer. Our 20 years of experience allow us to give you our expert knowledge at a cost that will meet your budget. We can provide you with any piece of the marketing puzzle you need, including:

  • Your Marketing Plan

  • Your Demographics

  • Your Marketing Materials

  • Your Marketing Strategy

  • Campaign Implementation and Follow-up

  • And a lot more... guaranteed to fit within your budget!


When it comes to creating marketing and collateral materials for your business, there's only one thing to consider: RESPONSE. Will people respond to your piece? Will they call in to order? Call in for more information? Will they hold your material for when they need it in the future? Will they use it to help "spread the word" about your company, your products and your services?

At ScriptingPower, it's all about RESPONSE. And no matter what type of collateral material we create, they've all been proven successful because of their impact and customer response. Some of these materials include:

  • Direct Mail Pieces

  • Newsletters

  • Print Ads

  • Website design, strategy and programming

  • Business letter and speech writing

  • Press Releases

  • Request for Proposals


At ScriptingPower, we believe that there is a lot more to Call Monitoring than just reporting on Rep Performance and Call Time. You need innovative ideas... strategies... and recommendations that will maximize your results on every call. 

We are known for conducting PRECISE quality monitoring, quality assurance, and providing detailed reports -- all without costly hardware or software investments on your part. We are also known for providing advice and recommendations that have doubled and tripled conversion rates -- all at a low cost and with fast turnaround.


  • Detailed reports of Rep/Call Performance

  • Expert advice/recommendations on how to improve call results

  • Objective feedback on your campaign performance

  • Proof of script adherence from a third party

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Monitoring

  • No hardware or software investment on your part

  • Low Cost, High Return on Investment

  • We monitor "real time" or listen to audio tapes or digital files

  • Save time so you don't have to listen to all those calls!